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Hi, I’m Jodine, a wonderful Ginger. Welcome to Ginger Journeys! My husband and I are attempting to retire in the next 7 years. That’s the compromise we came up with. He wanted 5, I said 10, we settled on 7!Gingerhead Beer

As of today, I’m 34 years old and I’m planning to retire by the age of 41. We’re well aware that seven years isn’t very long and that 41 is still very young, but my husband and I are fully committed to making retirement in our early 40s a reality.

How did we decide that we wanted retire early? In April of 2016, we spent just over two weeks touring Australia. We hiked (some would say trail ran) the Blue Mountains, swam with seals, fed kangaroos, hung out at the beach, and dove the Great Barrier Reef. In those two weeks, we seldom checked our email or our Facebook and I went the entire vacation without touching my phone. We couldn’t remember a recent time when we’d been more relaxed. We thought, this is the life. Immediately upon returning home, we decided to make the way we lived our Australian vacation a way of life in the coming years. My husband removed Facebook from his phone and deactivated his account to start simplifying and to cut out some of the distractions. I haven’t made that leap yet.

The next step was making our early retirement plan a reality. We quickly set out creating a monthly Canadian Dog Sleddingbudget (we’ll share our template soon!) and realized that to retire the way we wanted and in the timeframe that we wanted, we wouldn’t be retiring in America. Instead, we will be retiring to a beautiful beachside town somewhere. Most likely we will retire in Central America, South America, or Asia, but to choose our future home, we will have to explore these places first! This blog will allow us to share our experiences with you as we decide what we want the next 7 years to look like, explore some great places, have fun adventures, and choose our future retirement home.

We’ve created Ginger Journeys to share our adventures during the next 7 years and long after. We want to share with you the things that bring us the most joy and happiness in life, whether that’s hiking or skiing the Rockies, swimming with dolphins in Roatan, or diving in Belize. Follow along with us as we explore the world on rickshaws, motorbikes, and kayaks in hope of finding our dream retirement site. I’ll be using Ginger JourneysGinger Journeys to share the tricks and tips we learn along the way, especially those that involve personal finance or adapting to local culture. I hope this website will inspire you to live an adventure filled life!

I’d love to hear from you to learn what you enjoy about Ginger Journeys, what you’d like to see, and hear the questions you may have. You can reach the ginger by leaving comments, emailing the ginger at, or liking the ginger’s page on Facebook. Comments are preferred!

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