Gingers by nature, are thrifty, and I am no exception. I don’t like to pay full price for anything (especially as a tourist). As we plan for our upcoming retirement and look for ways to save, it is increasingly desirable for me to do amazing things at discounted prices. Save, save, save!

Many of my friends and I use E-Commerce sites, like Groupon or Living Social, for local deals on restaurants and activities in our amazing city of Denver. For example, I’Ways to save!ve used it to book painting classes for girl’s night out, have sushi dinners with friends, and buy a rock climbing excursion for my husband.

However, E-Commerce sites aren’t just great for activities in your hometown. For the past several years, I’ve been taking advantage of deals listed on E-Commerce sites for the cities we plan to visit. I’ve found Groupon especially helpful in finding deals in our destination cities.

Finding deals on e-commerce sites for an upcoming travel destination is simple. Simply change the name of your hometown to your travel destination and search for deals on restaurants and local attractions. You don’t have to actually live in the city or country to redeem or buy the listed deal.

One of the best finds deals I have found was for the Mitai Māori experience, just outside Rotorua, New Zealand. A Māori experience provides a vast overview of the Māori people, the first residents of New Zealand. For those who have been to Hawaii, think of it as being similar to a luau, but instead of hula, there is a haka (which is much more intimidating than the hula with background music set to war drums instead of ukulele).

At the Māori experience, you go through a living history of the Māori culture and understand how things changed after the settling of New Zealand by foreigners. It’s an all evening event that culminates with a hangi feast, prepared in the traditional Māori style by using heated rocks and is insanely delicious.

Mitai Maori WarriorNormally priced tickets for an adult to attend the Mitai Māori experience on Mitai’s company website were $116 New Zealand Dollars (NZ) or $80 United States Dollar (USD) per adult. I figured I could get tickets cheaper than this. So, I set my home location on Groupon to Auckland, New Zealand. I checked the Groupon site every day for 3 weeks to see if I could find any discounted Māori experiences, and on the third week, my search paid off. By using the Groupon search, I was able to find the same tickets (originally priced at $116 NZ per adult) for $57.50 NZ/$38.50 USD per adult. Turns out the $57.50 NZ we paid was the same amount that is normally charged for children on Mitai’s website.

Another great perk of using Groupon to buy adventures and excursions in your destination city is that, you are charged in the currency of the country from which you are buying. So, if you buy tickets with, New Zealand listed as your home country, the currency that you buy the Groupon with will be in New Zealand dollars. This will then convert on your credit card statement from New Zealand dollars to US Dollars. This is a huge benefit when the currency is valued lower than the your originating currency, further saving you money.

Remember, there are plenty of deals to be found in destination cities and E-commerce sites. Groupon and similar sites can help you find them!

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