Covered in Lush Jungle

There’s not many places more beautiful than the rain forest. It’s littered with pink, orange, and purple flowers and covered in a canopy and green and yellow leaves. Plus, the whole place smells amazing. It should be no surprise that many of the world’s most famous perfumes, like Chanel No. 5, come from scented plants in the rain forest. Chanel No. 5’s main ingredient of unique flowers is actually from this country’s rain forest!

Isn't this gorgeous?? And it smells great too!
Isn’t this gorgeous?? And it smells great too!

Alive with Beautiful Flora and Fauna

Over 10% of the world’s animals and plants live in this country. How amazing is that? And some of the animals I’ve never even heard of, much like this guy, in the picture below! How cute is he? This animal is called a Bizote and he is the country’s fire department mascot. I just wanted to cuddle him because he was so cute, like a fluffy anteater/raccoon combination. Other pretty animals in this country include howler monkeys (who roar like a lion), Capuchins, bright green iguanas, and also sea animals like devil rays and white tip sharks!

The Beautiful Bizote, the Fire Department's mascot. Or as my husband calls them, Simas!
The Beautiful Bizote, the Fire Department’s mascot. Or as my husband calls them, Simas!

Adventure Driven

Ziplining is one of the most famous activities in this country. We were fortunate enough to get to ride one of the longest, highest courses in the world. There’s not even platforms, it’s literally just flying from mountain to mountain, with one zipline extending 900 feet above the jungle floor! The view is amazing and better yet, the guides helped me experience it upside down!

Surfing and mountain biking are also popular! In fact, we spent most of our time here outside, just like the locals did. I may have been covered in sweat everyday, but it was so worth it to enjoy the pure adrenaline rush!

Getting ready to soar over the jungle canopy!
Getting ready to soar over the jungle canopy!

Full of Scuba Diving

Everyone knows the scuba bug has bitten me hard! I won’t live in a retirement location that doesn’t have it readily available. Although diving here was much colder than in the Caribbean, the underwater world was still spectacular. I swam with the largest school of fish I’d ever seen and witnessed devil rays jumping from the sea.

Tanks ready to dive with the devil rays!
Tanks ready to dive with the devil rays!

Packed with Friendly Locals

The people were incredibly welcoming. We met people who wanted to chat wherever we went, whether it was for a beer or to hang out on the beach. They didn’t all speak English but we still managed to communicate and have a good time.

Not only are the people wonderful, puppy dogs and horses roam the streets and beaches so it’s easy to find a friendly animal to pet. Dogs and cats walk right into the restaurants and beg for food. They are all plump and well-fed, which makes them even cuter.

Roadway friend!
Roadway friend!

A Great place to Practice Spanish

There’s no better way to learn than diving right in and trying it out. We had to order food, ask for directions, and request to participate in activities, like turtle viewing on the beach. And we had to do it in Spanish. And we did, pretty easily! We ordered our Thanksgiving meal from the counter below.

Where we bought our nightly dinner!
Where we bought our nightly dinner!

And that’s why we love Costa Rica!

We plan to go back next year and check out other areas. We didn’t get a house this time, but we found a jungle casita which we loved.  Costa Rica has a Pura Vida life style, which makes every day pure relaxation, fun, and bliss. And a side note, even the money was gorgeous. This time we hit up Nosara and Tamarindo.  I’ll do a write-up on what we loved about both them soon. Next time, Punta Arenas! If you have any suggestions on where to go in Costa Rica or want to share your experience there, please feel free to post a comment.


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