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It’s a Girl!

We recently expanded our brood to include our newest little bundle of joy, Pippa. (Yes, she is named after the Princess’s sister because I love the royal family!)

Pippa is half golden retriever/ half Irish Setter. Many of you will remember that we lost our girl, Blondie, in April. Blondie was full golden retriever so hopefully Pippa will have some of the same loving characteristics!  We chose to adopt a Golden Retriever mix because my husband and I read that mixes are less likely to get cancer. Losing Blondie to cancer was one of the hardest things we’ve had to do. Hopefully we won’t have to do it again. But even if we do, this little puppy is going to be loved like crazy.

We adopted Pippa at 9 weeks old and she is already a clever, snuggly, fun addition to our family. And, of course, she is a ginger because my husband can’t resist one!

Welcome Pippa!

What does this mean?

Our new family adventures and local journeys will include a second Ginger. As a result, two Gingers will journey together now! The newest Ginger will add some additional spice to our daily activities too.

Luckily, it seems like Pippa will be an adventure dog. She loves the crawl under beds and jump in tall grass. I take these as fearless signs. She has even mastered the spiral staircase that Kiwi has been afraid of since we moved here.

Tired out from adventures!

How is Kiwi?

Kiwi will always be the alpha in our family. She was not excited about the new addition, but is adjusting quickly (for her!). The first few days, Kiwi would shake and hide. If Pippa touched her, Kiwi would run away. It was ridiculous. Pippa has earned the nickname “Monster” because she frightened Kiwi so much.

Now, Kiwi is content to ignore the puppy, but can be the same room without shaking (success!). We are continuing to work on bonding them by walking together and having them hang out together. It’ll be an adventure in it’s own to get them to be buddies. If anyone has tips on helping an old dog like a new one, let me know!

Pippa loves Kiwi. Kiwi is warming up to Pippa.

What will Pippas’ first adventure be?

As you can imagine, Pippa does not have the stamina of an adult dog. A good 20 minute walk tires her out for the night.

Pippa’s first adventure was not a huge trip, but a short hike to see the cows in the hills. She was amazed to hear them moo and stood frozen when she saw a cow take a step. Think of a kid seeing a lion for the first time. That’s what this was like.

The road by the cows is steep by puppy standards with lots of rolling hills. Pippa has not learned to walk slowly on her leash yet so she quickly depleted her energy reserves. Adventure #1 down, many more to go!

Welcome to the family Pippa! We are so happy you are here!

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