I won’t call them  resolutions, but I will call them plans for 2018. Here’s what in store for the Ginger in 2018.

1. Have a daily step toward a goal

I’ll admit, after having so many people die in 2017, I’m a little bit scared that I won’t get the chance do the things I want to in life. I have a new perspective on how short life can really be. The loss of 2017, has definitely put a fire in my belly to live large in 2018.

In order not to make sure I get to do the things I want, with the people I want, I plan to make a commitment everyday to do something that will lead me in the direction of my dreams. Today, I practiced Jeopardy questions in hopes that one day I’ll make the show. I also contacted our favorite pet photographer for family photos and researched foreign language tutors.

Headed towards a goal!

2. Audition for Jeopardy

Who doesn’t want to be on a game show with a chance to win a lot of money? I have technically done this every year and every year I have missed the cut. I’m pretty smart in a lot of areas but totally lack any knowledge of art, the bible, or old-school authors. Auditions are in January so I may miss it again this year, but I will go down trying. I have been practicing questions in hopes that I can learn enough to pass the qualification test. J-Archive houses the last 34 seasons of Jeopardy questions and I have been practicing from this site.


Does this not look like a face for Jeopardy?

3. Pay off debt (quickly!)

To get where we want to be in life, we have to get back to basics and throw money at our remaining bills. Paying off debt is how we were able to achieve what we have in the past few years. This year, we will start by paying off our one vehicle and our mortgages on the houses. Once those are paid down, we can really start living off our rental income. I’ll be writing about how we pay each one off and how much rental income we make from each property.


If only I could win money this way!

4. De-prioritize working 9 to 5. Prioritize real estate.

If I only get remembered as a great employee, I did something so completely wrong with my life. I don’t plan on slacking off at my job going forward, but I don’t plan on prioritizing it either. My rental business is where I plan to put in the real effort. I love that way more than my 9 to 5 job.

There’s not anything so significant at my 9 to 5 job that I should be putting in overtime or working long hours. That said, I have enough work that I could work 12 hour days if I wanted to do that, but really, what’s the point? I plan to spend most of 2018 with people I want to spend it with, doing the things I want to do.


The only way I like to work….with vodka!

5. Drink more water

I really have nowhere to go but up from here. Water is not something I crave or particularly enjoy. It is so bland. I prefer Diet Coke, wine, or beer. I have started by drinking a glass of water per day to start the year. This is a huge step forward for me. If i can get to 8 glasses per day, it will be quite the accomplishment. Right now, I just want to commit to drinking water daily. I hear drinking water can lead to better skin and longer life, so I’m all for it. Even if it is disgusting.


I guarantee you I’m not drinking water!

6. Take Barre class regularly

I tried out Barre class twice in November and I am hooked. Think of doing the same exercises a ballerina does, like standing up on your tiptoes and holding your body in random positions that you don’t normally use. Talk about feeling muscles you hadn’t in a while.

Barre class is something that makes me sore, without doing something that will wreck my body, like Crossfit. My body is starting to think it’s older than what it is, so I’m okay with not wrecking it more by lifting sandbags or tires. Barre is the way to go! And luckily it’s available twice weekly right near my house.


Gotta get that beach body ready!

7. Visit my family in Wisconsin

In the 10 years since I moved away from Wisconsin, I have very seldom gone back to just visit my family and friends. In fact, I can probably count the times I’ve gone back outside of holidays or weddings on just one hand. I consider this a fail on my part. If I learned anything in 2017, it was that life is short and family and friends should be cherished.  Plus, I now work remote so I can take advantage of working from anywhere.


8. Dive the waters of Cancun and Cozumel

This was a Christmas surprise from my husband. Outside of real estate, diving is my passion. I love reading about dive locations, the animals in each location, and how to safely dive to avoid disaster.  We plan to travel down to Mexico in late May so that we can avoid hurricane season and swim with whale sharks. Isn’t if funny that I though I’d hate diving and now I love it? I only tried it because I thought my husband would like it. Life lesson here. Try everything once, even things you think you might hate.

There’s a second goal here and that’s to look at retirement properties in the area.

Under the sea!

9. Watch the Royal Wedding

Some people love reality TV. Others love college football. My thing is the royal family. When I lived in Las Vegas, I woke up at 245am to watch Kate marry William. I don’t care that I will be up at 3am to watch Harry’s either.  Super excited is the only way to describe how I feel and I have already blocked off that Saturday in May. Hooray Megan and Harry!

Who wouldn’t love watching a wedding?

10. Drink a Beer (or two!) at Oktoberfest

This was supposed to be a birthday surprise for my husband. However, the surprise came out early, so now he is aware that he is headed to Munich next September for the greatest beer festival in the world. Luckily, several of his friends are coming to the festival as well! We are planning to buy Lederhosen and do Oktoberfest properly. And of course, I’m learning a bit of German before we go!  Bier schmekt gud!

Get ready Germany!

11. Explore the Adriatic Coast

Following Germany, we are off for a few days in Croatia and Bosnia. This was an add-0n to our trip so that we can have a bit of couple time after a week of drinking with friends. Most likely we’ll do some diving in Croatia and we will be doing a lot of hiking in Bosnia. It should be amazing.

12. Hopefully buy Property #4

I have long had my eye on buying an investment property out of state. Hopefully this is the year we buy a duplex in a city like Indianapolis or Kansas City. These cities have such promise and I would love to buy now before the markets explode in the next few years. I’ll be writing on how and where I find information on cities to buy properties!

13. Spend as much time outside with my dogs, husband, and family as humanly possible

Moving away from Denver has made spending a lot of time with friends more difficult. Most of our closest friends still live there. However, we have committed to seeing each other as often as possible.  We are kicking off this year with our annual ski trips with these friends to a few mountain resorts in Colorado.

We are making friends in our new town as well. Luckily most of the people we are meeting love dogs, being outside, and sipping a cold beer.  This means when we hike with Kiwi (and Pippa!), we will have some new company to join us!

Doing this again in 2018!

I’m sure there will be a lot more we do this year. But the goal remains the same. Pay down debt, life off investments, and retire early. I’m still on track to retire in my early 40s and plan on doing just that!

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