What is Vegemite?

Vegemite is food that is native to Australia. It’s a thick, brown spread that’s used on sandwiches and toast. Think of Aussies using Vegemite like Americans use jelly. Every restaurant that serves toast, has a tray of this tasty paste available for customers to put on their food. This spread is one of those foods that is very much known to be an acquired taste, so of course, I had to try it!

Kangaroos may like Vegemite!

Why Did you want to try it?

I think if I have the opportunity to try something new, whether it be a new physical challenge, a local drink ,or an exotic food, I should try it. You only live this life once. My only exception is a snake. I will never eat that because they are the only animals that frighten me and I don’t want one in my belly. However, everything else is welcome. I figure I don’t really want any regrets in this life, so I’ll eat as many interesting things as I can.


Yep, I would eat this.

Where Did you Try Vegemite?

I have officially tried this Australian delicacy twice. The first time, was on our honeymoon in Fiji. We made our way to breakfast in the morning and ordered some toast with our eggs. Low and behold, what comes out with the toast? Alongside the usual jelly selection was a row of Vegemite.

I’d never seen Vegemite live before! I’d only heard of it. To say I was excited to have the opportunity to try this Australian delicacy was an understatement!  I felt like it was Christmas morning and Santa had brought me a tasty new treat to devour.

My husband was not so excited. He was fine to stick with jelly and butter on his toast.

Getting ready. I was not expecting to eat Vegemite that day!

What Did You Think Vegemite would taste like?

So in order to describe what I thought it would taste like, I have to first describe its look and smell.

Based on this description, I had two thoughts on what I thought Vegemite might taste like.

1. Gravy.

Vegemite appears like it should taste like gravy. It even has a cold gravy smell and is brown and looks like cooled, congealed gravy. I imagined Vegemite would taste like a spicy gravy, similar to what I’ve tasted on poutine. And I love poutine!!!

Side Bar: For non-Canadians, poutine is french fries smothered in gravy and cheese curds and sometimes meat. It tastes like heaven and I highly recommend it!

Imagining Vegemite would taste like poutine gravy was an incorrect assumption. Vegemite does not taste like poutine-y heaven.



2. Sweet like Frosting

This assumption also proved to be incorrect. The smell of Vegemite is not chocolatey, but I thought it might taste like an almond brittle type chocolate based on the tart smell of the Vegemite.

Vegemite may be brown in color like chocolate, but tastes nothing like it. If you are expecting chocolate when you bite into Vegemite spread on toast, you will sorely disappointed.

Instead, imagine the chocolate was dipped in the most non-sweet batter ever created first.

What does Vegemite really taste like?

Watch this vide and find out!

Let's give this a try!


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