Most people have probably never heard of the man who really inspires me in my real estate ventures. And that’s actually one of the reasons I really admire him. I don’t need someone with their name plastered all over buildings to be inspired. To me, if you need your name on a building, you probably aren’t someone I want to hang with anyway.

So who is my Real Estate Inspiration?

Conrad Prebys. That’s right, Conrad Prebys. He may have flown under the radar, but he was amazing. Conrad was one of the most successful real estate investors in San Diego. He owned 81 properties and was worth over $1 billion dollars. But one of my favorite things about him was that he was also an incredible philanthropist, giving away a lot of his fortune to medical and animal charities. Both of those are near and dear to my heart.

Conrad was born and raised in the Midwest. He moved to San Diego in his 30s, and didn’t come with a silver spoon or a mass fortune. Instead, he worked his ass off in construction, building homes that he would later rent out. He blossomed from there, founding his own construction company. His company would serve as the base for his real estate investing. He learned through trial and error and got rich in the process.

Despite his massive success, he never raised his rents to keep up with the rising demand in San Diego. He didn’t need to do that. Conrad cared more about providing homes for people with children and giving them a place they could afford. Making money through current rents supplied him with more than enough money.

This seems like random name. How did you find out about him?

I’ll be honest, I don’t remember how I first came across the name Conrad Prebys. It was probably a random Google search. I like to find stories about 30-something Midwesterners who turn out as millionaires. Because that’s how I see myself. I’m a 30 something girl from the Midwest who hopes to one day be a millionaire or billionaire! Aim high baby!

Why is he your inspiration?

It’s not just what he created, but what he did with it once he created it, that serves as my inspiration. Conrad could have chosen to use all his profits and fly around in private jets or race fancy sports cars. But he didn’t, because he was  decent person, who never forget where he was from or how he got to the top.

Instead, despite owning a ton of property in a high-demand area, he didn’t gouge rents in San Diego, which would have been easy to do.He realized people shouldn’t have to spend all of their money to live somewhere. He was not perfect by any means, but he was self-made through hard-work and perseverance. I love stories like that. It’s the American dream.

I hope we can one day be like him and help give our fortune to people and places that really need it. We try to do it in small doses now, but I hope one day we can do it on a larger scale and still fly under the radar when we do!

I hope to be like Conrad! Maybe one day someone will find me and my husband as inspirational as I find Conrad. What a compliment that would be!

San Diego is pretty popular and not just for their zoo!
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