Lately, I’ve been obsessed with the Caribbean. My new spot to visit and consider for retirement is Aruba. Here’s 5 reasons why:

1. Scuba Diving

Anyone who knows me, knows I love to dive! And I mean love it! Aruba is part of the ABC island chain, made up of Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao in the Southern Caribbean. All 3 are known for some amazing diving!

Some of the best fish and wreck diving is just off the Aruba shore. I love colorful fish, except when they touch me! ( I do not like the feel of gills!)

The water off Aruba is the warm, clear water of the Caribbean sea, which is some of my favorite water in the world. I did my navigation test for diving in the Caribbean and I think it shouldn’t even count. There’s no getting lost in water that clear!

Look at that water!!

Doesn’t everywhere in the Caribbean have Scuba Diving?

Yeah, probably, But in Aruba, not only are there manta rays, eels, lobsters, and multi-colored gorgeous fish floating around in the sea, there’s some very original dive sites. There’s crazy unique dive sites such as airplane wrecks, a large cargo ship called the SS Antigua, and one of the easiest wreck dives, a fuel barge, called Debbie II. (Be warned the SS Antigua is scary to look at in pictures!)

I’ve never done a wreck dive, (mainly because I’m ridiculously frightened of sunken ships and even pictures of them), but I’d like to change that in Aruba. (No better way to get over a fear than to face it. Except with creepy crawly animals. I never plan to face that fear!)

Anyway, you can’t become a scuba instructor without being able to do wreck dives, so I’ve got to learn. All the wreck sites I mentioned above were sunk on purpose, so there’s no dead bodies in any of them, which calms my fear a bit. The planes and boats were sunk to be made for artificial reefs. And reefs breed beautiful animals! Hooray for that!

Yep, it’s pretty fantastic.

2. Natural Swimming Pools

More water love here! To me, natural pools are one of the coolest things I’ve ever had to fortune to find. We found a great red sand beach with a nearly deserted swimming hole in Maui many years ago and it is still on of our favorite island finds.

Natural swimming holes are another thing I look for on beach trips. White, sandy, public beaches are great. But they aren’t the same as a natural swimming pool. Especially a hidden one! Check out Aruba’s Natural Pool. It may not be hidden, but it looks amazing!


More time by the ocean is always fine with me!

3. Donkey Sanctuary

Seriously, how cute are donkeys? You know this new goat yoga craze that’s happening where baby goats climb on people during yoga? I’d personally prefer to have an outdoor yoga session with a donkey. Donkeys are funny versions of horses with a much more amusing sound.

Before cars and public transportation, like buses, the donkeys at Aruba’s Donkey Sanctuary were used for transportation on the island. Well, now that need is gone and these little guys need a place to stay.


What a cutie!

4. Flamingos and Ostriches

Pink birds and the crazy beast bird that doesn’t fly in one place! What!

I have an affinity for birds. Birds can soar above the world and see so many things people can’t here on the ground. Plus, in my dreams, I can always fly and I just feel so free. So who knows, maybe I was a bird at some time in my past life.

Anyway, Aruba is hope to an Ostrich Sanctuary (more animal saving!) and an island that was specifically designed to house these beautiful birds. The flamingo island is owned by the Renaissance Hotel and guests get free access to the flamingo island. Yes, to both please!

5. Hidden Caves

Aruba has some amazing natural parks, with Guardirikiri being its most famous.

Apparently I like being below the ground as much as I like being below the ocean, because I really like hiking in caves. Not little, collapsable caves where you could be crushed and never found, but big open caves that smell like sea water and have stalactites and stalagmites poking up all over. That describes Guardirikiri to a tee. Just seeing photos makes me want to wander its large open cathedrals and play like a little kid.



6. Pirates and Sailing

I’m a big fan of pirate lore. Don’t get me wrong. I know not all pirates were great people, but I like that idea of exploring new lands and hiding buried treasure. In Aruba, you can spend the day sailing on a pirate ship, just like the good old days or looting! Yo ho ho matey!


So I’m guessing you want to go to Aruba now too. I certainly do. And who knows, maybe I’ll retire someday too.

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