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Meet Your Ginger Journeys Ginger!

Hi, and welcome to Ginger Journeys! My name is Jodine, and I’m your friendly Ginger guide for all things travel related. I grew up in the upper Midwest, where like most kids, I had parents who, besides the occasional road-trip to visit family, weren’t too interested in taking vacations or traveling the world. They made the mistake of getting me a World Atlas for Christmas when I was nine years old. After flipping through several pages of the Atlas, I decided that the occasional road trip to visit family wouldn’t quite do it for me, and that life without travel wasn’t an option.

A Ginger in Sydney
A Ginger in Sydney

Currently, I work in the standard corporate middle management job. I work each day from a desk, attend meetings, and answer emails. I don’t hate in (because I work with awesome people), but I don’t love it either. In general, I don’t particularly like working 40 or more hours per week. I’d rather be traveling, hiking, swimming, camping, or going on any adventure possible with my husband and two dogs (Kiwi & Blondie). The plan is to make my traveling, hiking, swimming, and camping my “job” over the next 7 years and to pass the torch of middle management office worker to someone who will love my cube like I never could.

Colorado = Home

My husband (a non-Ginger) and I have devised a 7-year plan to retire early, at the ripe old age of 41. Follow along as we make this plan a reality. But along the way, check out what made us fall in love with travel in the first place, and how we’ve traveled to exotic places, all while saving for the dream retirement (most likely on the beach). Can you imagine a Ginger retiring on the beach? This seems like a bad idea to most, but I am up for a life of being lobster colored (so that my skin can match my hair!).

So follow along as this Ginger takes you on her path to early retirement, enjoys some fantastic travel adventures, and hopefully brings you some inspiration along the way!